I have put together a few books over the years. You can find them at Lulu.

I have written guides for OPSCON’s MoveItNow Suite. These are not endorsed by OPSCON hence they are the “Unofficial Guide”. As I wrote the suite I should know it best.

In my various forays I have come across several “compliance” requirements from various standards bodies. I have attempted to create the required documents for some of these requirements.

I have a log book for maintaining door locks. In this case I have support for a push button lock that only has one code at a time. I also have support for a multi-pin lock (latch set or dead bolt) such as those made by Yale.

I have a log book for maintaining a network video recorder (for security cameras). Some compliance programs require a daily check of the NVR status and this requires an auditable log. My book is spiral bound with a set number of pages. Signatures for start & end of the log book. Daily activity listings via a yearly calendar. A record for the settings of up to 32 cameras.


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