Box Building

I usually look for something unique to do for Christmas. Sometimes it is unique packaging. Last Christmas I decided to do some minor wood working and make some boxes.

I looked around for some designs on Amazon and was surprised by the prices. I took some inspiration and used some of the stock I had on hand and proceeded to exercise my developing/re-developing skills.

Here are some of the boxes I put together:


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Main screen's data cube

I have been adding boxes to my collection here and there. They do provide some distraction during the pandemic lock down.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of each box I’ve built.

The patterned plywood box only has 3 images in the gallery above. It’s lid, front, and back were all done with aspen plywood cut and assembled into patterns. The front also used resin with redish mica powder. The plywood was inconsistent in its construction (not the same quality as baltic birch plywood) but it worked and was affordable (I had it on hand).

I have one more oak box to go. These boxes are gifts for my young niece and grand nieces. They are young enough to appreciate the gift and not be critical of its craftsmanship.

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