Deconstructing Word

Since Microsoft Word is being used more and more as the vehicle for infecting computers I decided to look into how to validate Word files (DOC) at the email gateway and reject those deemed undesired. I am using Linux, Postfix, Amavis, Clam-AV, and SpamAssassin on the inbound email gateways. I… Continue reading

Web Forum Migration

First off, I am a software developer with some hardware tinkering skills. I’ve been programming for 34 years and have seen a fair bit. One piece of technology I did not have to deal with was punch cards. Oh I used them during school for recording test answers but never… Continue reading

Antivirus Software

In my quest to better my email gateways I decided to take the list of antivirus vendors from VirusTotal and see what they supported. For my purposes I require Linux support on x86 and ARM processors. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just the results of my… Continue reading

CIBC Holds Things Back

I’ve dealt with CIBC for over 40 years, but while the individual people are usually nice and friendly the corporate policies dealing with customers have become almost draconian. The “Imperial” part of the name seems to be taking precedence as the level of service to the common person has drastically… Continue reading

Making a Minion Chess Set

While browsing the various model sites I came across this chess set that looked interesting. Since my grandson has shown interest in the minions I decided to give this set a go. It has been a challenge!! I am using Slic3r and RepetierHost to generate and print the models. I… Continue reading

3D Printer

Since I’ve been doing some custom design work with embedded devices I needed the ability to make cases for them. So I did some research and taking into account the available funds I ended up purchasing the FLSUN Kossel Delta via Amazon. This package included everything you need to get… Continue reading