Prices are UP

I know things are tough all around and that new tariffs have been imposed but come on, the price of instock items changing so drastically… Today I went on Amazon to check the status of a spindle sander that I had in one of my wish lists. It has been… Continue reading

HTML Email is a PITA

Email started as text only and everything worked as expected. Then someone (probably a marketing suit. a.k.a. PHB) decided to make it look fancy. Now email messages are so complex that AI and Machine Learning has to be used to determine the “value” of a message. Not to mention the… Continue reading

More Bell email tricks

Looks like Bell is up to something again. I just set an Out-of-Office auto responder for a client. Nothing special, done this many times. So I sent a message to the user to test it, wait a few minutes, nothing happens. Try again, nothing happens. Hop on to the server… Continue reading

Bell Usage Agreements

After determining that Bell is impeding my use of the internet I went looking to see if Bell has altered their usage agreements. I found the general ToS for internet services listed on their support page. The PDF I downloaded states it is effective 2019-Aug-06. 26. How does Bell help… Continue reading

Bell Screws Up … Again

Today I had my email account with Bell suspended. I have had this account since I first started using Bell Internet over 20 years ago and this is the first time for it to be suspended. It started with a failed logon via Thunderbird. It continued with a failed logon… Continue reading

Making a Pressure Pot

As I am getting into the “arts & crafts” again I find myself in need of additional tools and accessories. In this case resin casting using a pressure pot to make better castings and reduce the set time. Based on other online resources I have decided to try two different… Continue reading