TAPA Compliance

TAPA is an Industry driven certification primarily for “High Value Theft Targeted” items. Depending upon the certification level desired (A, B, C for buildings. 1, 2, or 3 for transportation) you may be required to use multiple tracking devices on the trucks and trailers. If so, each device is supposed… Continue reading

CIBC is a Pain

I’ve dealt with CIBC almost exclusively since I was 5 years old and my parents opened a savings account for me. CIBC was the only bank in town, and is still the only bank in town. So that’s 42 years I’ve been a CIBC customer. What have I got for… Continue reading

Anti-Virus for Linux

Why was I looking? I have been using Linux machines as email gateways to scan inbound email for several years. I use Postfix + Amavis + SpamAssassin + Clam AV. Now that I have been experimenting with the ARM based micro-servers (Raspberry Pi and ODROID) I have been deploying multiple… Continue reading

Email Eye Candy

I am going to blame Microsoft (and other software developers that advocate “top posting”) and company policy makers for the current state of email bloat. If “top posting” was not the default, or only way, to send a reply and people were forced to have to read through the entire… Continue reading

More ODROID Adventures

After deploying four ODROID-U3’s into a production network, the model is discontinued. So I have to move on to the ODROID-XU4. This means no more updates on the U3 software. I did manage to deploy a U3 for: Internal DNS External DNS LDAP slave Inbound Email Gateway These will remain… Continue reading


Continuing my adventures with micro servers I started using the ODROID-U3 from HardKernel. I purchased these units from CorpShadow. This board is about the size of a credit card, but one inch thick. It uses a Samsung Exynos quad core processor with 2GB RAM. The preloaded eMMC cards ship with… Continue reading