More Bell email tricks

Looks like Bell is up to something again. I just set an Out-of-Office auto responder for a client. Nothing special, done this many times. So I sent a message to the user to test it, wait a few minutes, nothing happens. Try again, nothing happens. Hop on to the server… Continue reading

Bell Usage Agreements

After determining that Bell is impeding my use of the internet I went looking to see if Bell has altered their usage agreements. I found the general ToS for internet services listed on their support page. The PDF I downloaded states it is effective 2019-Aug-06. 26. How does Bell help… Continue reading

Bell Screws Up … Again

Today I had my email account with Bell suspended. I have had this account since I first started using Bell Internet over 20 years ago and this is the first time for it to be suspended. It started with a failed logon via Thunderbird. It continued with a failed logon… Continue reading

Deconstructing Word

Since Microsoft Word is being used more and more as the vehicle for infecting computers I decided to look into how to validate Word files (DOC) at the email gateway and reject those deemed undesired. I am using Linux, Postfix, Amavis, Clam-AV, and SpamAssassin on the inbound email gateways. I… Continue reading

Anti-Virus for Linux

Why was I looking? I have been using Linux machines as email gateways to scan inbound email for several years. I use Postfix + Amavis + SpamAssassin + Clam AV. Now that I have been experimenting with the ARM based micro-servers (Raspberry Pi and ODROID) I have been deploying multiple… Continue reading

Email Eye Candy

I am going to blame Microsoft (and other software developers that advocate “top posting”) and company policy makers for the current state of email bloat. If “top posting” was not the default, or only way, to send a reply and people were forced to have to read through the entire… Continue reading

Email Signatures

Email Signatures: that block of text usually found at the bottom of a message declaring who you are, where you are from, how to contact you, and probably a slogan of some kind. They have gotten out of hand in my opinion. There is absolutely no need to have every… Continue reading