CIBC is a Pain

I’ve dealt with CIBC almost exclusively since I was 5 years old and my parents opened a savings account for me. CIBC was the only bank in town, and is still the only bank in town. So that’s 42 years I’ve been a CIBC customer. What have I got for such a long term commitment… nothing but hassles.

Yes I am behind on my bills, I know that. I know that very well, thank you.

Whenever an actual human being calls me I explain the situation.
I give them an “accurate and truthful” answer as to when I will make a payment.
I tell them I’ll make a payment when I get paid. It has been this way for over a decade.
They do not like that answer. It does not fit into their narrow little world view.

Why did I get behind?
Simply put, the people that pay me slowed things down and are now paying between 30 and 90 days.
They used to be spot on 30 days but they had some “difficulties” and got into a “crunch” of their own.
So since they can not give me a confirmed payment date I can not do so either.
This situation has been going on for almost a year now.

So when I do get paid I have to evaluate the situation.
Do I have enough to pay the rent?
Do I have enough for food?
After those I look at the bills and start portioning the money out.
I pay out what I can while keeping enough back to live on.

So far this year I have been paid twice: January 17 and March 17.
The January payment covered the rent for February and March.
When depositing the March payment I went looking at the account history to see when I last paid the bills only to find a $260 withdrawal on March 10 that I did not make and the name “IBB Collections, Toronto” did not match anything I had. So I called CIBC to question it. After finally getting someone on the line, I could barely understand them due to their accent, we eventually figured out that it was CIBC making the withdrawal and applying it to my Aerogold VISA. I still have not found any notice that they were going to do so.
I deposited my latest cheque on March 17 and made payments on 5 bills. This had the result of closing one of those accounts as it was the final payment. It kept my phone and internet active (I work from home so both are needed). I sent $200 to both of the CIBC credit cards, and I paid the minimum on the CapitalOne credit card. So I ended up with $1,200 left in the account. That was earmarked to cover the rent and continue buying food for a few more weeks.
Today I went online to check my balances to see if CIBC has released the held funds yet, but what do I find?
CIBC has made two more withdrawals of $640 and $430 this time under the name “IBB Collections, Montreal”. They have now left me with just $516 which is much less than I need for the rent.
I even told the guy from CIBC that I hoped they did not take anymore as that money was for the rent, and what do you know they go ahead anyway. All three withdrawals have been without notice.

So as a result I have lost what little trust I had in CIBC. I’ll have to come up with a plan to get them out of the picture. Of course with the dominoes being tipped over now the course of events may lead to them not being able to contact me after April.

Well, that’s enough whining, back to work I go…

UPDATE March 23

I spoke with 2 different people at CIBC today.
The first was probably responding to my “note” I sent them yesterday via their online banking system. She just transferred me to someone else. The second person was willing to reverse the $640 if I could give them a date when I would be paying that amount. They just don’t get it, I do not have a date to give. I told her that my business with CIBC will be terminated ASAP and all she could say was “I’m sorry to hear that”. She explained that the withdrawals were to “protect my credit” to which I just snorted in disagreement and responded with “so CIBC would protect my credit by having me evicted?”.
After going in circles I got fed up and just hung up, better to hang up than to really express myself as she did not deserve it.
I also told her that I had already gone public with the situation. She asked what I meant, so I told her “blogs” and that “nothing travels faster than bad news”.

As it sits right now I do not care about my credit rating, I’d rather have a place to call home and be able to eat.
I did tell the woman that CapitalOne had no problem with the situation and was not hassling me about it. To which she responded “I can not talk about CapitalOne as I do not work for them”.

I did some checking last night and found that CIBC’s automated dialer has called me 80 times this month, anywhere from 2-12 times in a single day. The only time they do not call is on Sundays. They start at 08:00 and stop at 20:00.
When a person calls and leaves a message I usually call them back. When the machine calls it is just an announcement to call them.

As of 12:00 today the withdrawals still do not show up on the credit card, not even as a pending payment, via the online banking system. So the only way for me to find out anything useful is to call them.

So ends the ranting, back to work I go again…

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