CTPAT Breakdown: 4.4

Item 4.4

Cybersecurity policies should address how a Member shares information on cybersecurity threats with the government and other business partners.

Implementation Guidelines

Members are encouraged to share information on cybersecurity threats
with the government and business partners within their supply chain.
Information sharing is a key part of the Department of Homeland Security’s mission to create shared situational awareness of malicious cyber activity. CTPAT Members may want to join the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC -https://www.us-cert.gov/nccic). The NCCIC shares information among public and private sector partners to build awareness of vulnerabilities, incidents, and mitigations. Cyber and industrial control systems users can subscribe to information products, feeds, and services at no cost.

Another management item that may trigger additional policies and procedures for IT staff.


Personally, I watch a few different sites for cyber security information. I watch sites from IBM, Cisco, SANS, and a few others. These sites are all free. From the notices received via these sites I can take precautions such as adding IP addresses to a block list on the firewall.

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