CTPAT Breakdown: 9.13

Item 9.13

If camera systems are deployed, cameras must be positioned to cover
key areas of facilities that pertain to the import/export process.
Cameras should be programmed to record at the highest picture quality
setting reasonably available, and be set to record on a 24/7 basis.

Implementation Guidelines

Positioning cameras correctly is important to enable the cameras to record as much as possible of the physical “chain of custody” within the facility’s control.
Based on risk, key areas or processes may include cargo handling and storage; shipping/receiving; the cargo loading process; the sealing process; conveyance arrival/exit; IT servers; container inspections (security and agricultural); seal storage; and any other areas that pertain to securing international shipments.

So hi-res with 24×7 recording. Okay but very storage intensive. The higher the resolution the easier to identify parties. A single camera could generate a few gigabytes of video every day.


Personally I’d have cameras covering the outside perimeter, gates, driveways, docks, and all man doors. Inside I’d have a camera at each dock with a contact sensor on the dock door. I’d have all the staging and dock areas covered by wide area cameras with overlapping fields of view.

The warehouse office, dispatch area, and public access areas would all have cameras (360, panoramic, PTZ). Server room would have cameras inside and outside. File cabinets would have cameras covering their access.

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