CTPAT Breakdown 9.7

Item 9.7

Security technology should be utilized to monitor premises and prevent
unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Implementation Guidelines

Electronic security technology used to secure/monitor
sensitive areas and access points includes: burglary alarm
systems (perimeter and interior) –these are also known as
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS); access control devices;
and video surveillance systems (VSS) -including Closed
Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs). A CCTV/VSS system
could include components such as Analog Cameras (coaxbased), Internet Protocol-based (IP) cameras (networkbased), recording devices, and video management
Secure/sensitive areas, which would benefit from video
surveillance, may include: cargo handling and storage
areas, shipping/receiving areas where import documents
are kept, IT servers, yard and storage areas for Instruments
of International Traffic (IIT), areas where IIT are inspected,
and seal storage areas.

This is only a SHOULD requirement for CTPAT.

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