Duet 2 Maestro Unboxing

It’s upgrade time for my delta printer.

I’ve gotten tired of the various little issues with my cheap Chinese printer kit and finally went to upgrade the control board. I’ve heard about the Duet3D boards and decided to try them out. I found providers and have been comparing prices for a while hoping someone would have them on sale. Finally get enough money in the printer budget to acquire more components and none of the providers have the Duet 2 WiFi or Ethernet boards in stock. This is when I came across the Duet Maestro board at one of the providers.

The Duet Maestro is a slightly lower level of the Duet 2 Ethernet board. For me the cost difference was $70. Is it worth the difference? There are three major differences:

  • minimal expansion: there is no support for the Duex boards.
  • no automotive type fuses
  • uses Trinamic 2224 stepper motor driver

In the box you get:

  • the board
  • a card
  • a sticker
  • connector housings
  • connector pins

For more on this board visit Duet3D.

The box

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It was smaller than I thought.

I am hoping this will speed things up and reduce some of the issues I’ve been encountering lately. Moving from an 8bit Arduino board to a 32bit ATSAM4 board should improve the processing speeds.

For completeness the providers I used in the latest set of acquisitions are Spool3D and DigitMakers. Both providers have shipped on time and provide quality service. Spool3D goes one step further in their packing and bag everything, they even include a pack of candy … sweet!

So now it is off to work on my stand/enclosure for this printer utilizing the new parts.

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