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I am going to blame Microsoft (and other software developers that advocate “top posting”) and company policy makers for the current state of email bloat.
If “top posting” was not the default, or only way, to send a reply and people were forced to have to read through the entire message chain each time then we would end up with people getting frustrated or smaller emails as people would remove the content that was not relevant to their reply.

It is not so bad at a desktop but it can really hurt on a mobile device.
If the sender had to pay a per-byte charge to send all that BS in each message they would get the picture!!

I have one party I have been dealing with for many years. Their email signatures were not consistent across the board. Some used plain text and some used HTML. Now they are standardising things and using HTML. Well, for me, the message sizes have gone from 2KB to 18KB for a 6 word message from these people.

My home internet connection allows for 250GB per month. I have yet to go over but I’ve gotten close a few times.

My mobile phone however only has 1GB per month.
I tend to keep the phone’s data plan off unless I need it.
I use WiFi at home and at my parents’ place, everywhere else is data plan as I do not use open WiFi hot spots.

Here’s where it gets nasty: I am CC’d on a chain of 6 emails where the other two people have eye candy set on new and on replies and no one edits the previous content. I get the first message with 18KB of garbage. I get the second email with 36KB of garbage. The third has 54KB of garbage, the fourth has 72KB, the fifth has 90KB, and the sixth has 108KB of garbage. All told I have 378KB of garbage picked up by my mobile phone from messages I had no control over.

People wonder why I do not check email when I am not at home. Well, when 10% of my data usage is garbage that I do not need, do not want, and never requested …

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