Forward Looking Data Sets

A request has been made to enable some “forward looking” pre-aggregated data sets.

This post contains “forward looking” statements. No commitment should be inferred from this content.

A forward looking data set will use the requested dates on an order rather than the actual dates and will not include orders with the actual date set yet.

With the standard data sets we know how many pickups have been completed. With the forward looking data added we will know how many pickups are yet to be done.

These data sets are recalculated every night.

The forward looking data is limited though. Only a single date can be used to determine when a future activity is to take place. In the case of the Number of Pickups only the first date of a load spread will be used.

New fields and updated procedures are to be added to the database.

Field Type Purpose
ESTAMOUNT dollar sum of estimated charges (uses Requested Load Date 1)
only for orders not yet picked up (DT_PUCOMPLETED is blank)
NOPUEST count number of pickups (uses Requested Load Date 1)
only for orders not yet picked up (DT_PUCOMPLETED is blank)
NODLEST count number of deliveries (uses Requested Del Date 1)
only for orders not yet delivered (DT_DLCOMPLETED is blank)

In development, these fields have been added to the Department data set. The Department+ChargeCodes data set has had the ESTAMOUNT field added.

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