It’s Apple Time

For the first time I’ve seen a message on my Apple TV 3 that shows just what Apple thinks …

6.75 days!!!

I rented a movie, then went over to YouTube for a an hour or so, prepared supper, then came back to the movie.

163 hours and 18 minutes before the movie will be ready???
That is 6.75 days.
Considering you get 48 hours to finish watching a rental once started, or 30 days to start the rental.
Normally the movie is downloaded within 20 minutes.
I know Apple has been accused of arbitrarily slowing down older hardware (most likely as a bid to get you to upgrade).
I have experienced issues when Apple has forced an update (I have automatic updates turned off but some still happen) and I have to reboot the device to get back to “normal” operations.

Restart the Apple TV, check out the movie, and it starts downloading again at the usual rate.

The sad part is, the movie was one of those forgettable ones…

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