Making a Pressure Pot

As I am getting into the “arts & crafts” again I find myself in need of additional tools and accessories. In this case resin casting using a pressure pot to make better castings and reduce the set time.

Based on other online resources I have decided to try two different pressure pot approaches for start up. The first approach is turning a 10 litre paint tank into a pressure pot. The second is using PVC pipe.

I found a few postings on youtube on how to convert a Harbour Freight paint pot. Since PrincessAuto is similar to Harbour Freight I went this route. I followed the directions on this page.

I picked up the 10 litre paint tank from PrincessAuto as it was on sale for $99. I also picked up a 3 gallon compressor that was also on sale.

The paint tank came with 2 hoses (1 x 1/4 and 1 x 3/8).

I need to pick up a ball valve, a tank drain, 3/8 to 1/4 reducer, and a quick connect adaptor. Some thread sealant instead of PTFE tape may also make the list. PrincessAuto does not seem to carry the ball valves. These items can also be found on Amazon.

After much effort to remove all of the part on the lid of the tank I found that there is a difference between this model and the harbour freight model. The PrincessAuto tank uses metric for the smaller hole. Instead of being 9/16 x 18T it is 14mm x 1.5. So unless you have an appropriate sized fitting, none of the standard 1/4 inch adapters will fit properly. So I’ll be putting all the pieces back on after cleaning all the threads (red tread lock was used)

So I put it all back together using the original fittings on the lid and then adding the pieces needed to fit. I added a 3/8 inch ball valve to the large fitting. Off the regulator I attached a 1/4 inch drain on the left side and the right side has a ball valve and quick disconnect. I used the Blue gel thread sealant.

I set this project aside for a while and have yet to test it.

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