Mapping the Trails (2018)

Now that the weather is nicer, I have started the mapping again.
This time I am adding the Oshawa Creek Trail from Bloor St north to King St.
As usual I have followed a few of the “animal” trails and taken a few creek level shots.

After three attempts I finally got the last 200 foot section of the trail just south of the CP tracks due to people hanging around each time I’ve been there. I still need to add the paths in Rotary Park and the street access at John and Gibb.

I have 509 pictures to process from May 13, 180 from May 14, and 47 from May 16.

I did find that I had the camera mounted backwards so my scripts had to be edited to flip the compass 180 degrees. In addition I discovered that the first GPS Heading that was saved is off by about 70 degrees. I’ll have to check a few to see if this is consistent, if so it would explain why the images from last year did not have the correct arrows on Google Maps.

When checking the first 40 images I found that most of them had the same GPS position.
This is probably due to poor GPS signals as I was in a ravine with lots of trees.
So I had to do some math and figured out that 3 meters North/South is roughly 0.1 seconds.
From there I manually “fixed” the GPS for the trail pictures in the first 40 pictures.

Waterfront Trail

I did find that Google replaced my pictures of the Waterfront Trail with their own that were taken before I did mine. I wish I knew they had taken them so I would not have wasted my time.

My Google Stats

As of 2018-May-16 I have 450 photos on Google Maps with 87,211 total views. Not bad for an amature. Two of the creek level shots account for 29,640 of those views.

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