CIBC is a Pain

I’ve dealt with CIBC almost exclusively since I was 5 years old and my parents opened a savings account for me. CIBC was the only bank in town, and is still the only bank in town. So that’s 42 years I’ve been a CIBC customer. What have I got for … Continue reading

Asterisk Dialplan – Local Calling – Oshawa

Having to sort through the “rules” for some companies where phones are restricted to local calls only I ended up with the following list for Oshawa, ON, Canada. I pulled the local calling area from and then manually created the dial strings. 28922[023457]XXXX 28925[45]XXXX 28927[4568]XXXX 28931[2456]XXXX 28935[456]XXXX 28938[578]XXXX 28940[345]XXXX … Continue reading

Anti-Virus for Linux

Why was I looking? I have been using Linux machines as email gateways to scan inbound email for several years. I use Postfix + Amavis + SpamAssassin + Clam AV. Now that I have been experimenting with the ARM based micro-servers (Raspberry Pi and ODROID) I have been deploying multiple … Continue reading

Email Eye Candy

I am going to blame Microsoft (and other software developers that advocate “top posting”) and company policy makers for the current state of email bloat. If “top posting” was not the default, or only way, to send a reply and people were forced to have to read through the entire … Continue reading