Bell Usage Agreements

After determining that Bell is impeding my use of the internet I went looking to see if Bell has altered their usage agreements. I found the general ToS for internet services listed on their support page. The PDF I downloaded states it is effective 2019-Aug-06. 26. How does Bell help… Continue reading

Bell Screws Up … Again

Today I had my email account with Bell suspended. I have had this account since I first started using Bell Internet over 20 years ago and this is the first time for it to be suspended. It started with a failed logon via Thunderbird. It continued with a failed logon… Continue reading

Making a Pressure Pot

As I am getting into the “arts & crafts” again I find myself in need of additional tools and accessories. In this case resin casting using a pressure pot to make better castings and reduce the set time. Based on other online resources I have decided to try two different… Continue reading

CNC Adventures Intro

I recently picked up a cheap CNC machine on Amazon to get started learning. I do want to make some PCBs for my other toys and there are some wood working items I want to try. The kit I bought is decent for the price, with the expected level of… Continue reading

Postfix Submission Server

In this post I will go over how I set up a server for accepting emails over the internet from authorized users. In my case the users are those with mobile phones and tablets. I am using Postfix 3.3.2 on Debian 9.6. Auxiliary programs include: clamav, sophos-av, and mimedefang. All… Continue reading

Instant Pot Pasta

I generally cook rotini noodles. Cook the hamburger (or other meat) using the Saute mode. Add any additional spices (i.e. basil, garlic). Add the pasta. Add the pasta sauce. Add water to cover the pasta, then add another 3/4 inch. Stir. Cook on high pressure and then quick release when… Continue reading