CIBC Holds Things Back

I’ve dealt with CIBC for over 40 years, but while the individual people are usually nice and friendly the corporate policies dealing with customers have become almost draconian. The “Imperial” part of the name seems to be taking precedence as the level of service to the common person has drastically … Continue reading

Making a Minion Chess Set

While browsing the various model sites I came across this chess set that looked interesting. Since my grandson has shown interest in the minions I decided to give this set a go. It has been a challenge!! I am using Slic3r and RepetierHost to generate and print the models. I … Continue reading

3D Printer – Part 2

After reassembling the printer using t-nuts instead of the square M4 nuts I have to re-calibrate the printer. Since I moved the end stops up I now have a height of 329.72, up from 316.40. I know the heights are off as aligning the end stops visually is not too … Continue reading

3D Printer

Since I’ve been doing some custom design work with embedded devices I needed the ability to make cases for them. So I did some research and taking into account the available funds I ended up purchasing the FLSUN Kossel Delta via Amazon. This package included everything you need to get … Continue reading

HPE OfficeConnect OC20 Access Point

I just spent two days installing a guest network with WiFi. The location already had an isolated network so we decided to just expand it. We decided that a few extra changes were also needed for future opportunities. Everything except the access points went as expected. We installed an HPE … Continue reading