Order Status Changes

With the Multi-Device Position Tracking System coming into play, and new messaging possibilities, I have been updating the list of status codes that can be applied to an order.

In this case additional status codes relating to Customs have been added. Originally 74 was for “Arrived at Customs” and 75 was for “Customs Released” thus capturing the time spent at customs.

I have added codes 76 and 77 for indicating a hold by Canadian Customs. The 76 code is used for a general hold status and the 77 code is used when an inspection is to be done.

I have added codes 80 through 89 for indicating a hold by US Customs. Use 80 when an exam is scheduled, 81 when there is insufficient paperwork, 82 when there is a discrepancy in the paperwork, 83 when there is a discrepancy in the piece count, 84 when the FBI is involved, 85 when local law enforcement is involved, 86 when the FDA is involved, 87 when the DEA is involved, and 88 for other US Government Agencies being involved.

I added code 45 “Set off at Agent”. Code 46 “Pickup at Agent”.

Code 50 “Drop Trailer – Empty” is used when you drop an empty trailer for the consignee to load the shipment onto.

Code 51 “Drop Trailer – Unload Later” is for when you drop a trailer at the consignor’s location and the consignor will be unloading it later. It is assumed you will be picking up the empty trailer later.

Code 52 “Pickup Trailer – Empty”

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