Printing with PxMalion TPU Clear

I was looking to print some dust covers for computers and network switches. TPU was recommended as it allowed some flexibility. So after looking on Amazon for a while I came across some clear filament from PxMalion for a good price.
The specs on Amazon are pretty sparse, on the pxmalion web site they are even worse. I found some details at 3d Printer Shop.
According to 3D Printer Shop this product has a Shore Hardness of 85A.

I could not use the extruder that came with the printer as this filament jammed constantly at the extruder gear.
So I installed a Titan extruder from e3d. It jammed at the gear as well until I adjusted the PTFE feeding tube so that it went through the gears.

I managed to get a few more failed prints before I figured out the next trouble spot.

I am using a bowden setup so I knew there would be issues. The next trouble spot is the bowden fitting at the top of the hot end. The PTFE tube does not pass through this fitting so there is a gap of about 5 mm between the bottom of the fitting and the throat of the heat sink. The filament just spools in this gap. So my next change is the bowden fitting where I’ll get one that allows the PTFE tube to pass through.

The last print job I did before calling it quits for the day did have the best first 2 layers I have ever had.

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