Data Monitor

This application is intended to run on an unattended computer and is used to display a series of screens showing the current status of the system.
There are screens for:

  • Driver Start Times
  • Helper Start Times
  • Today’s Pickups
  • Today’s Deliveries
  • Announcements
  • Fleet Map
  • Dispatch Board
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Trailer Maintenance
  • Dock Status
  • Warehouse To Do List
  • Open Inbound Manifests
  • Open Outbound Manifests
  • New Orders
  • Final Dispatch

Ideally this would be shown on a large screen display.

Each page can be disabled.
Support for multiple displays each with a unique configuration so you only need one computer to drive two or more TVs.

You can find the books I’ve written on the MoveItNow Suite at Lulu. This module is documented in the Core System book.

Screen Shots


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Dispatch Board


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