MDPTS = Multi-Device Position Tracking System

With some compliance programs (i.e. TAPA) requiring multiple independent tracking devices on conveyances I had to come up with a way to correlate them into a single table.
I now have a table that identifies the tracking system, tracking device unit id, and links it to the known vehicles/trailers. This design also allows for future expansion to accommodate other systems and tracked items (i.e. crate, container).

I do have separate communications applications/scripts that feed into this new table.
I presently support: QTRACS, iBright, ShawTracking, and Omnitracs.
The current design allows for 65,000+ different systems to be used.

I still have to create a new Fleet Map for the Data Monitor that utilizes this new table.

One benefit of this consolidated approach is that it will always show the latest update first.
So if you have multiple tracking systems with different reporting intervals this system will show the most current known position update.
This is very handy when manually tracking a vehicle and the first system shows it on a map and the second system shows it on the map several kilometres away. My system will only show the most current position on the map.

Another benefit of this approach is the linking of vehicle and trailer.
When you have multiple tracking devices on both the vehicle and trailer my system will show the most current position for all devices on the map. So when the system knows that trailer 700 is attached to vehicle 153, tracking updates to either will apply to both.

Status as of 2018-Oct-15:
I already have the QTRACS system coded and operational.
I need to update the iBright interface to use the new table.
I am in the process of writing the ShawTracking and Omnitracs communications applications.


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