Omnitracs Interface

Omnitracs is now a separate company from Qualcomm, but still a USA based company with all the issues that entails for users in Canada and Mexico.

The old QTRACS program, developed in FoxPro, was discontinued years ago and replaced with a web version (a.k.a. CLOUD).
Omnitracs does offer integration via SOAP Web Services.

Personally I like the old program better in that the database containing my information was kept locally on my network.  I always had access to it.  The program would connect to omnitracs via a VPN and download the available data every 5 minutes and I would process the resulting data file at that time updating my dispatch system.

Now I have to write a program to connect to omnitracs and download the available data, telling omnitracs what the last transaction ID processed was so as to clear their queue.  Not a big deal really.

I do have to decide what platforms the integration program needs to run on (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux) and develop accordingly.
I may end up with more than one program (i.e. Windows Service vs Windows App, Mac App) written in more than one development language (i.e Delphi, Python).

Check the blog for updates.

This project will be folded into the Multi-Device Position Tracking System (MDPTS).

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