Samba AD-DC Migration and Citrix

We have an old Citrix server that is still used to run some old applications. There are only a few people still using it but it is a production server and needs to run.

This server was running just fine prior to the migration but started experiencing issues afterwards. The server is running Windows Server 2003 and an appropriately aged version of Citrix. We do have a replacement for it but there were issues there as well (thanks Microsoft).

The issue was the Terminal Server Licensing Server. It could not be found after the migration. Strange since it is on the same server.

This is again thank to Microsoft as after the domain migration different rules were applied to the location algorithm. On an Active Directory domain the Terminal Server Licensing Service for Windows Server 2003 must be on a domain controller by default. This took a fair bit of searching as the only errors I was receiving just said the license server could not be found.

After finding the correct forum postings I managed to “fix” the issue by telling the server where to look. I had to add two keys to the registry which did not require a reboot to activate thankfully.

The fix

Locate the following path in the registry and select it:

On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click Key to add a subkey named
LicenseServers, if one does not already exist.

Select the LicenseServers subkey, and on the Edit menu, point to New, and
then click Key and type in the NetBIOS name, fully qualified domain name, or
IP address of the appropriate license server to add the new subkey under
Repeat this step for each license server you want the terminal server to

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