Samsung Gear 360

After reading about the Google Trekker being used to map Whitby’s trails and later coming across user supplied spheroids on Google Street Maps I started looking into the 360 viewing and how to make things for use on Google.
Google’s Street View app shows four different 360 cameras that it can use directly, the Samsung Gear 360 being one of them.
So when the local BestBuy had it on sale I went and picked up the 2017 edition.

That’s where I ran into some problems. Google only supports the 2016 edition.
My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not supported even though Samsung says Android 5 devices are supported.
So I am stuck with a camera that I can not configure properly at this time, the date is 2017-Jan-01 on the camera.

There are workarounds of course.

I run Linux. Samsung makes software for Windows and Mac (you have to find it and download it).

Since the Gear 360 does not have GPS built in you need to tie it together with something to get the geotagging.
I made a few mistakes when I uploaded the test pictures from around my apartment building. I tried using a GPX trace from my phone with the images from the Gear 360 and exiftool. The images had the GPS positions inserted but due to the timing differences, things were off and my images ended up showing in the middle of the building on the map. But I was able to move and connect my images okay via the Android client.

I was able to stitch the 360 images into a panoramic after I fetched a script from here. I have used Hugin before with my DSLR. This script is pure command line and works fairly fast on my cheap desktop (AMD A10).

Overall, the Gear 360 is a neat little camera. Don’t forget to get a MicroSD card for it as it does require one.

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