Prices are UP

I know things are tough all around and that new tariffs have been imposed but come on, the price of instock items changing so drastically…

Today I went on Amazon to check the status of a spindle sander that I had in one of my wish lists. It has been $323 for several weeks and was when I checked at 06:00 this morning. I was debating on this model or going to HomeDepot for the RIGID model. After getting back from grocery shopping I checked Amazon again only to find the price is now $410, a $90 increase (that’s 29%). So off to HomeDepot I go to order the RIGID model for $248.

I looked up the bandsaw I purchased in February for $381.48 which is now listed for $574.29, a $192.81 increase (that’s 50%!!!).

Both of these are WEN models, a US company that gets things from China. So Trump’s stupid tariffs are having an impact.

Another item in my wish list, also a WEN product, at Amazon went from $160 to $229. Yet another WEN item went down from $212.71 to $181.31.

All of these items are showing as “in stock” and “ships from and sold by”. So what is the reason for the changes?

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