Tape Moving

The Tape Moving System is a stand alone system designed for use in moving a tape library.
The library can be of any size.

This system uses one or more bar code scanners to record the bar code on the tapes.
Essentially one scanner per worker.

An inventory is either supplied or built by the system, but is not required.
If there is no inventory then there is no true audit capability.
With the inventory you can validate every tape, identifying the missing tapes.
The system tracks the user that handles each tape.
Each tape is packed into a bin which is also tracked.
A listing can be generated for each bin (a.k.a. a packing slip).

The moving process:
A worker enters the library and removes some tapes scanning each as they are removed.
When this worker’s bin is full he leaves the library and places the bin in a packing area, grabs a new bin, and returns to the library.
The packer scans each tape from the inventory bin and places it into the packing bin.
Once the packing bin is full a packing slip is generated.
At this point an auditor can verify the bin contents and then seal the bin for transport.


Screen Shots

Sample Reports

Bin List
Bin Pack Slip
Tape List
Tapes Only Tape List
Packed Tape List


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