Access Devices

This project is in design stage.

In the trucking industry Customs requires you to be able to track many things. Among this list is access devices.
An access device can be: a key, a padlock, a smart card, a key fob, or some new fangled device.


  • list of possible access devices
  • list of used access devices with quantity
  • list each access device

This project will most likely be available as a plug-in for Dispatch and as part of the Human Resource module.

So your list could have:
Master Key | Key | 10
Padlock 101 | Lock | 5

The device list would then contain 10 entries for the Master Key and 5 entries for Padlock 101.
Each device can be tagged with a bar code for easier tracking.
Each device has a status and a location.
Each device can be assigned to a person.

Based on these listings an audit can be performed.
Using these listings you can issue replacements should an item be lost or stolen.

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