Warehouse on Android

This project is in development.

Extending the warehouse module to the Android tablet/smartphone environment.
This is a native application not an HTML web app but it does require a web server to deliver the REST API.

Targeting the warehouseman that needs more access than can be provided by the bar code scanners but not the full system as would be provided via a laptop.

This program will feature a subset of the main warehouse module.

So Far:

  • Customer summary showing what customers are in storage with drill down to see what items are in storage.
  • Weight can be set for an individual item or an order.
  • To Do List can be viewed. (added 2014-July)
  • Dock Status can be viewed and updated. (added 2014-Aug)

In the Works:

  • Equipment list


  • Customer Master
  • Customer Part Catalogue
  • Inventory Item Pictures
  • Shipping Orders
  • Receiving Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Stock Transfer Orders
  • Quarantine


Development is being done using Delphi XE5.
REST API in PHP via a LAMP server.

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